Sticky Tongue USA’s mission is to better the lives of captive and wild chameleons everywhere. A portion of all merchandise sales goes to causes we feel are important in the chameleon world. Additionally, we support these causes with our own funds as well. We are proud to announce our first donation from Sticky Tongue USA supporting the Chapman’s Pygmy Chameleon.

Meet the Chapman’s Pygmy Chameleon, one of the most rare chameleons in the world, if not the rarest. A species of tiny chameleons presumed to be extinct due to deforestation has been found, but it is clinging to survival. This small species is endemic to remaining forest fragments in Malawi Hill. These forest fragments amount to just 0.6 km2 due to high levels of habitat clearance and degradation.

Due to the generosity and support of our incredible customers, Sticky Tongue USA has made a donation to create a tree nursery in Malawi. A team supporting this cause, BINCO (Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation) visited the area in December 2021 to ensure that the trees are planted before the rain season. This will ensure the greatest impact and the highest likelihood to save this valuable species. For more about this great group of people, go to to learn more about their work and the people involved.

It is truly amazing that this creature has endured nearly 40 million years of existence and human beings are quickly taking away their small home. The challenge is education. Very few in the area even realize such a complex and important animal resides in the area. There are very few rules about what can be taken out of the forest and even fewer rangers to enforce the rules in place. The community members are simply taking from the forest to make a living and to find resources. Part of the redevelopment program is to create bee nurseries as sources of raw materials and income.

Globalgiving is managing fund collection for this project. You can donate directly to this cause at or, if you wish to support the general cause of helping chameleons and chameleon causes, you can purchase Sticky Tongue USA merchandise. As a portion of your purchase will be applied for causes like this one. You may also add an additional donation at checkout. Donations made through our online store go directly to these causes (Sticky Tongue USA does not take any portion of that donation).

For more information about the Chapman’s Pygmy Chameleon, please see links below: