Here are some of the questions we received from our initial customers. We highly encourage dialogue if you have any questions or want to discuss related products. Just drop us a line on the “Contact Us” page and we will answer any questions and possibly add your question to the FAQ’s.

How can I attach my Chammy Cricket Feeder to my habitat? The Chammy Cricket Feeder can be attached by several methods, all which are included with your purchase.

  • Bracket – Use the existing holes in the back of the feeder to hang your feeder from a bracket or similar surface.
  • Glass or plexiglass – Included in your package are 2 suction cups. The section cups slide right into the holes in the back of the feeder and can be pressed against a glass or plexiglass surface.
  • Screen/Mesh – Also included in your package are 4 magnets. Two of the magnets have 3M sticky tape already attached to them. Just remove the protective strip and mount the magnets on the back of the feeder (we put ours just below the wall mounting holes, but wherever you wish will work.) We recommend keeping the magnets on the top half of the feeder for optimal use. Place the remaining 2 magnets on the exterior of the screen/mesh to attract to the magnets on the back of the feeder.

How do the crickets stay in the feeder? The crickets do have the ability to jump out of the feeder as it is not a captive environment. What we have found is that chameleons learn very quickly that feeding happens in the feeder. They are often quick to seek food from the feeder. There are many times where our chammy “Cruz” eats all of them before they even get a chance to escape. Other times they do jump around and gives your chammy an opportunity for hunting. If you want to encourage the crickets to stay in the feeder, you can drop a piece of fruit in the bottom of the feeder.

How should I hang my feeder? We recommend that you hang the feeder on one side of your enclosure at a position where your chammy may climb down to it. Also, have branches within one body length of your chammy so that your chammy can easily access the feeder.

Can I place other types of insects in the feeder? Absolutely! The feeder has a bin where you can place worms or any other type of insect in the bin.

What is the cricket capacity that can I place in the feeder at one time? For large crickets 5-7 crickets and for small/medium crickets 12- 20.